Bunker Cabaret

Somerset House
World Premiere

Bunker Cabaret is a bold new performance by Hooligan Art Community that started life in the bomb shelters of Kyiv. Combining music, poetry, dance and film, this unique theatre event is a powerful exploration of love versus totalitarianism, and the personal conflicts of making art in time of war.

On 24 February 2022, the full-scale Russian invasion brought war to all of Ukraine. Hooligan Art Community’s work was disassembled overnight and its artists displaced. Two months after the invasion began, the situation in Ukraine allowed women from the company to travel to a residency in Germany, while two male artists remained in Ukraine, restricted by law from leaving the country. For the next four months, the collective made performance, film and installation work in different locations documenting their experiences of War and being displaced. Bunker Cabaret is the group's first performance in the UK.

Supported by
Urgent Action Fund, British Council, Ukrainian Institute, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Foyle Foundation
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Andrea Ferran


Peter Cant


Paul Kuraksin


Natalka Perchyshyna


Liubov Sliusareva


Mathis Kleinschittger


Semyon Kyslyi, Danylo Shramenko, Mirra Zhuchkova, Natalka Perchyshyna, Liubov Sliusareva